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Candles by Jean, Master Carver and Designer since 1989, specializes in Hand-Carved Candles for any occasion: Personalized Unity Candles, Wedding Candles with a touch of color, Hand-Carved Tapers to light the Unity Candle, Hand Sculpted Anniversary Candles, Hand-Carved Memory Candles, Cut N' Curl Birthday Candles, Hand-Carved Christmas Candles, Hand-Carved Candles in a LightHouse Design with various Sea Shells, Hand Carved South Western Design Candles, Hand-Carved Candles for the new baby with a verse on one side of candle and first name, date born, time born, weight and size on the other side in baby blue color or pink and many more Hand Carved Designs.

My husband, Al, and I started our candle business in 1988. Since then, Al has made all the candle cores and I have done all the dipping and hand carving of each candle.

The wax candle core, or center of the candle, is the heart of each candle we produce. The final creation of any quality product, hopefully, must have a good heart - and this includes our candles. It takes a quality core to make a good burning candle.

We have been a two-person team since we began our business. We will continue this teamwork as long as we are in business. We want nothing but the best for YOU…our customer!

Our reward, through the years has been getting to know all the people we have met who order our beautiful, quality-designed candles. We are grateful for their appreciation of the quality work we put into each and every candle we make.

When you order your hand-carved candle from CANDLES BY JEAN, your candle will be made exclusively for you.

Please take a few seconds and read our candle carving story. You will see how the process begins with the making of the candles heart (core) and ends with the beautiful candle you can be proud to show off or give.

Thank you for looking at out website and for ordering your custom-made candle from us!
Your purchased candle will be carefully wrapped and boxed to protect it in shipment!

Life can be like a candles flame,
The LIGHT can shine in us the same.
The light of a candle will glow in the dark,
The LIGHT of our life will glow in the heart.
Written by Al in 1988
Candles by Jean

Welcome to my website!.

One of our Featured Candles on the top right side of the page, is my black and white lighthouse. If you like this medium black and white lighthouse, it is on the order page shown in shades of blue and white for $46.99. The medium blue shaded lighthouse is shown just below this on the bottom right on this. When you order just please make sure that you email me on the color of the lighthouse...shades of blue or black & white lighthouse.

The other featured candle is the Light House (bottom candle in the featured candles column to the right). The Light House Candle comes with an Oil Lamp Kit and various seashells and starfish are pressed into the wax during the creation. This is our most popular color with the blue sky and the deep blue water color. We also do this with a pink sky with blue waters. The windows light up in the evening with this oil lamp that uses 99% liquid paraffin oil.